Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lazy Days....

So were back in the non scary house by the lake for our final week, and this weekend has mainly been spent enjoying some much needed sunshine. Infact this picture probably sums things up more than anything else could!!

Today we did find time to pop into a flea market, which was housed in the local Curling Club. Always nice to look around these things, but it was proper tiny, although there were some rather funny, year by year photos of the Club Presidents (my fave was from the 90s - unfortunately I didn't get to snap it - but lets just say the hairstyles were magic!).

We also went to see the Tidal Bore today. This area gets some of the highest tides in the world, and at high tide a wave forms which surges up the river against the current. Its quite amazing to see. I took a few photos but it doesn't really do it justice.

This is basically what the river looked like to begin with, you can just make out the wave heading for us in the distance.

Here it comes.....

And minutes later it looked like this....

Also stopped off at a yard sale and picked up a funky, retro print skirt for $1. I don't intend to wear it, its going to be used for some corsages (infact I have already used part of it)! Couldn't help myself, I love the fabric its made of....

And while were on the subject of corsages, heres a few of the ones i've made while i've been away. There are a few butterflies i've been playing around with too. They are only the basic shapes, but the plan is to jhave a batch made up, so when I get back I can add all the finishing touches......forward thinking and all that!!!

This could be my last post from Canada, as i'll be without internet for the last few days, so if I don't catch up with you before then, I shall see you all back in the UK very soon.

Take Care xx

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