Thursday, 11 August 2011

Catch Up....

......Ok, so I thought i'd do a quick catch up from the past few days, as i've been a bit lax on the whole blogging thing.

We've spent the last week in digby, and over the weekend they've had their annual Scallop Festival. Im not a scallop eater at all, infact im not a fish/seafood eater in general, but they have loads of other stuff going on. Unfortunately, the much anticipated firework display (the one we've been waiting a whole six years to see again) was cancelled due to the giant amount of rain that fell. Never mind, all those that get to see it next year will get double the amount. What did we do to cheer ourselves up? Go for cocktails of course.

Oh well, we got to see the parade, some cool vintage cars, and sip wine over a beautiful backdrop.

ooh...Canadian Mounties!

Not a bad view.....

Cool Vintage cars.... i'd be happy with the red one on the right!

We've also done a bit of 'revisting the scene of the crime' so to speak. Last time we we're down this part of Nova Scotia, we discovered a fab little secluded cove, with a sandy beach and the most beautiful sunsets. Luckily our last night in Digby was perfect. We got in a 'sausage sizzle' (BBQ) over a self built fire, down on the beach, and then watched this amazing view. It is one of favourite places in the world.

I feel I should also show you the place we have been staying in. It dates back to the 1800s and is filled with old, antique furniture. Now I don't like to use the word 'haunted', but lets just say it has a very strange feel about it, and there have been one or two weird goings on - namely doors moving of their own accord - but im sure its nothing hey?

Of course i've also been out buying up more fabric quarts. This time in Walmart of all places - but at $2 a piece I couldn't resist.

Its promising to be a lovely, sunny weekend. Fingers crossed anyway, im hoping to come back with some kind of suntan!

Hope you are all well.....x

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