Thursday, 23 January 2014

Introducing......Mr Fox & Mr Badger

So I have finally finished my not so little project. Something that was only supposed to take a couple of weeks actually took a couple of months to complete.

In my defence Christmas is a very busy time!

I purchased a very lovely little sewing kit from my all time favourite place The Eternal Maker in Chichester, and set about making these cute animals.

The kit is designed by the Button Company, and comes with felt, cotton, templates and instructions. 
Once its all sewn together its just a matter of stuffing.

I wanted these as doorstops, so along with my usual stuffing, I also added a little pouch of dried beans to each, to help keep them weighted down. 

And here they are......

And what a welcome addition to the house they are.

Now all I need to do is find them better names!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Insta Sunday

Bright sunny Sundays are made for early morning walks on the beach......

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Scandinavian Folk Designs........on Etsy

 Scandinavian design and home decor is hugely popular at the moment. I know i've introduced some Nordic themes into the Christmas decorations at home, but there is so much more to it. Personally I love the cute, colourful and somewhat playful nature of it all.

Why not take a little inspiration from some of these beautiful pieces and add a little splash of bright quirkiness to your home.

Book Bag - Hippopo Vintage

Swallow Print - Dee Beale

  Screen Printed Tea Towel - Jane Foster

 Art Print - Love Love Me Do

Birds Lampshade - Little Lamp Room

Letterpress Card - Fluid Ink Letterpress

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Paper Makes....

This Christmas I was very lucky to receive a beautiful paper crafts book as a Secret Santa pressie. Couldn't really be more perfect for me!

Its filled with lovely ideas and projects. I particularly like the brooches...

..butterfly gift tags...

...and mini star garland...

....definitely gonna try my hand at all these.

Love a bit of inspirational over the weekend I decided to get cutting, sticking, and generally rather messy, with some cute and colourful papers and an old atlas.

 Im a big fan of re-using and recycling and the atlas has made some quite sweet quilled flowers. A few little pearls in the middle finish them off.

Then a few very girly, and very pink butterflies. Im toying with the idea of making some more of these and attaching mini pegs to the back and making a sort of detachable butterfly bunting.

Whether I get around to that or not, they are still quite sweet.

Speaking of bunting, I decided to try and make a mini paper version, made up of lots of different papers.

A little fiddly in places, but definitely worth persisting with. I love how it looks hanging above my work desk. I think this is one that would look great at Christmas in reds and creams.

So all in all a fairly productive few days.

Now im turning my attention to Mr Fox and Mr Badger (a mini project I started before Christmas and had hoped to finish before Christmas!!!).

One day I will learn to finish what i've already started before taking on something new...(then again maybe not?!).....

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sunny Saturdays

Yes, actual sun! And proper sun. With blue sky and warmth. And it is actually warm. I have been sitting sunbathing by the French doors (with them open!!) for an hour......this is what Saturday's are for!
Took a stroll through Shoreham earlier, and it was beautiful. A little wander through the farmers market, got eggs for a little weekend baking, and took a quick walk over the new footbridge.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello and Happy New Year

A great big 'Happy New Year' to one and all!

Its been a while since my last post, several months in fact, but life (and some big changes - (moving)) have been happening.

But this year I intend to make time to keep up to date with 'blog goings on' and doing more writing myself..........a sort of new years resolution so to speak (im sure I made a very similar one this time last year???).

Im intent on keeping you in the know about all my creative-ness throughout the year. Its still been going on behind the scenes, mainly lots of Christmas bits and pieces (squished in around lots of painting and decorating and sanding and cleaning (will it never end)!) but I will be looking at some new lines for LouBee Crafts over the next few months, all to appear on Etsy and Folksy soon, so eyes peeled.

Hope everyone has had a brill Xmas? Its great to be back and I very much look forward to re-acquainting with you and hearing about what you've been up to.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and wonderful 2014...xx