Sunday, 25 August 2013

Beautiful Burgundy........on Etsy

Rich, warm, deep burgundy is the perfect colour for Autumn (not that I'm wishing away the last remnants of summer!)......but it's good to be prepared.

Here's a beautiful collection of 'very berry' goodies available on Etsy at the moment......

Hoop Heart Earrings - Wild Woman Jewelry

Vintage Style Heart tags - Charonel Designs

 Hair Flower - Bombshell Blooms

 Polka Dot Necklace - Kate and Moose

Damask Clutch Purse - Julia Sherry Designs

Button Stud Earrings - Unexpected Boutique

Crocheted Cowl - Doodad

 Pillow Cover - Chic Decor Pillows

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Paper Snowflakes......not just for kids

When I was a child I can remember taking a sheet of crisp white paper, folding it diagonally several times, and then cutting out big random holes.

Opening the paper back up was always the best part, waiting to discover the pattern you'd just created, all unique and very clever I always thought.

But I saw these on pinterest the other day. A slightly more grown up version of my childhood creations.

What makes them more 'adult'....apart from the carefully cut out patterns, is that they're 6 pointed.

You can see a fab tutorial for getting those 6 points on Little Eme's blog 
which you can find here......tutorial.

Now mine don't quite look as professional as those above. Infact my first attempt look more like flowers!

But I think they're getting better.......

I will keep persisting, and intend to have it down to a fine art by Christmas.

Watch this space!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Summer Time Germany

So (again) its been quite a while since my last post.

Lets just say theres been a lot going on recently. Theres been a few ups and downs, but things are back on an even keel finally. 

A little family trip to Saarburg in Germany was definitely one of the highs.

Its beautiful stunning scenery, vineyards, rivers and forests, make it an incredibly beautiful place. The 36 degree heat was a little hard to bear at times, but it was nicely interspersed with BIG thunderstorms and cooling rain.

Lots of lovely food, lots of lovely wine, and many MANY ice cream sundaes and cherry danishes. Relaxing reading in the sun, fun with little nieces, and trips to monastries and pretty towns, and riverside walks and ski lift rides.

I am now relaxed and, pretty much, ready to face the busiest time of the year at work. Bring on the madness!!