Sunday, 20 July 2014

Magical Menagerie

A couple of weeks ago we discovered some seriously quirky little cardboard animals. They were sitting in the window of the Rare Rabbit shop in Arundel. A beautiful shop it is, full of lovely things, so it never takes much to be enticed in. 

10 minutes later we were leaving with a box of our very own.

They have been designed by Japanese graphic designer and children's book illustrator Junzo Terada. He creates playful characters in colourful, vintage patterns.

The Magical Menagerie is a collection of 20 animals. The shapes are all punched out ready to go, it's simply a case of slotting them together. 

Each animal comes with a cute envelope, so you can give them away as little gifts too.

Ultimately designed for kids.......but aren't we all big kids at heart?!!

Needless to say a very happy afternoon was spent making some of these for the house. My favourite has to be the elephant.....who I have named Nellie....

....and who comes with a mousey friend.

I'm also loving some of his other book illustrations......

Amazon has a good selection of his books and animal ornaments if you're interested.

Happy making!