Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Weekend

It was such a lovely weekend, all sunny and autumnal.

The weather was beautiful, and really befitted the pottering and snooping that was done around Lewes on Saturday. I love looking around all the antique shops. Infact my favourite antique shop in the world is here, and is a giant treasure trove of loveliness, with lots of hidden corners that seem to go on forever more.

I was actually quite good with my spending and only parted with a little cash. Ooops, seems I may have purchased some more vintage buttons, but I just can't help myself.......also got this floral vintage style tea towel to add to my giveaway bundle (but more about that later)......

Also saw my parents who brought round some cucumber pickle and homemade courgette chutney. Never tried either, but will be off out to buy fresh bread and cheese soon to sample them.

Spent the afternoon making a few bits. Im trying my hand at some hand embroidered tree decs for Christmas, and of course working on this years Christmas Cards.

I also tryed out my new logo stamp - which I loveee........

On Sunday, took a little mosey through Arundel, took in some more antique shops, and enjoyed a leisurely full english brunch.....YUM! Sometimes it just has to be done!

I brought this cute mini embroidered heart cushion. It was half price, a bargain, but I can't quite decide what to do with it? Not sure if its too big to hang up?

And.....of course I haven't forgotten about my Birthday Blog Giveaway. I've been collecting things over the past week to build up a nice stash to giveaway to one lucky person. I will be announcing more details later this week.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Morning...

....and what better way to get rid of those cowebs than a gentle stroll along the seafront. A perfect start to the day and a great way to clear your head. It started off so sunny and bright, but soon changed to looking all stormy and grey, and then it rained! Never mind, got some great pics and it really is lovely down there......

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday Stuff

Ok, so been a bit lax again on the whole blogging front. I apologise! Theres just been so much going on recently that something had to give. Works been a nightmare! Thats the pleasure of working in a College Registry department at the start of the academic year!

Anyways, in a bid to combat all that stress headedness, we took a little trip to Hastings today, where they had the Seafood and Wine Festival, and had a little family time. Was nice, but we kind of got 'very' rained on. I ate a very yummy chocolate pot mousse, which made up for all that was wrong with the world.

Also took a bit of time to mooch around Hastings Old Town, with all its cool antiques and home shops. I (somehow) managed to spend some money, which is unheard of, obviously!

I picked up a funky teal bracelet, a turquoise colour necklace and a selection of vintage/second hand buttons.

These are my favourite.......

You know just how much I LOVE buttons. And after purchasing my quota for the month in one day, it was a nice surprise to find a little package on the doorstep when I got home. Yes, it was the 'I forgot I bought these' retro style buttons, I ordered off Ebay a couple of days ago. Wonderful!

I also realised today that last Sunday marked the anniversary of my first ever Blog Post! A whole year of blogging life......wow! I feel this needs marking in some small way, so I've decided to have a little giveaway. Whilst in Hastings I've picked a couple of cute bits and pieces, and am going to add in a few extra things, and give them away to one lucky person.

Keep your eyes peeled as i'll be announcing more over the next couple of days........

Happy Saturday All....x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Foodie Weekend

Its been a weekend of eating......lots! But after a hard and stressful few weeks i think I deserve it. So im no feeling guilty....just enjoying, hope your weekends have been good xx