Saturday, 24 August 2013

Paper Snowflakes......not just for kids

When I was a child I can remember taking a sheet of crisp white paper, folding it diagonally several times, and then cutting out big random holes.

Opening the paper back up was always the best part, waiting to discover the pattern you'd just created, all unique and very clever I always thought.

But I saw these on pinterest the other day. A slightly more grown up version of my childhood creations.

What makes them more 'adult'....apart from the carefully cut out patterns, is that they're 6 pointed.

You can see a fab tutorial for getting those 6 points on Little Eme's blog 
which you can find here......tutorial.

Now mine don't quite look as professional as those above. Infact my first attempt look more like flowers!

But I think they're getting better.......

I will keep persisting, and intend to have it down to a fine art by Christmas.

Watch this space!

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