Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Paper Makes....

This Christmas I was very lucky to receive a beautiful paper crafts book as a Secret Santa pressie. Couldn't really be more perfect for me!

Its filled with lovely ideas and projects. I particularly like the brooches...

..butterfly gift tags...

...and mini star garland...

....definitely gonna try my hand at all these.

Love a bit of inspirational over the weekend I decided to get cutting, sticking, and generally rather messy, with some cute and colourful papers and an old atlas.

 Im a big fan of re-using and recycling and the atlas has made some quite sweet quilled flowers. A few little pearls in the middle finish them off.

Then a few very girly, and very pink butterflies. Im toying with the idea of making some more of these and attaching mini pegs to the back and making a sort of detachable butterfly bunting.

Whether I get around to that or not, they are still quite sweet.

Speaking of bunting, I decided to try and make a mini paper version, made up of lots of different papers.

A little fiddly in places, but definitely worth persisting with. I love how it looks hanging above my work desk. I think this is one that would look great at Christmas in reds and creams.

So all in all a fairly productive few days.

Now im turning my attention to Mr Fox and Mr Badger (a mini project I started before Christmas and had hoped to finish before Christmas!!!).

One day I will learn to finish what i've already started before taking on something new...(then again maybe not?!).....

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