Saturday, 20 August 2011

Holiday Snapshot.... it seems jet lag has set in. My energy levels are in the minus zone, and groggy isn't the word!

Yes im back on home turf, but not completely myself right now. Please bear with me. While im adjusting back to normal I thought i'd keep it simple and ease into a little 'photo blog' today. I've picked out some of my fave pics from the past 3 weeks, so sit back and enjoy (minimum reading necessary).....Normal service will be resumed shortly!

the same view a day later...
what better way to finish off the holiday......whiskey sour anyone?..


  1. Welcome home!

    My MIL also had a Canadian holiday recently - she got home 3 weeks ago and it took her almost a week to recover from the jet lag. Hope you feel back to normal sooner than that! :)

    Your holiday looked absolutely fabulous, btw.

  2. Thanks Wendy. Had a great time, but need desperately to get back to normal soon, im back to work tomorrow! Boo!
    Hope you're well xx