Sunday, 10 July 2011

Storm in a Teacup......on Etsy not quite a storm, but id definitely like to sip a strong brew out of one of these fashionable, dainty, ditzy teacups, that are very of the moment. There is a fab collection in an antique shop in Arundel, where yesterday, I had to fight to keep my hands in my pockets.......its sad, but I really don't have the room for any more knick!

In an attempt to make myself feel better I have compiled an adorable Etsy collection for you to peruse on this sunny sunday afternoon. Bottoms up!

Vintage Clare China Trio - Peony and Thistle

Shabby Chic Lenox Rose China Teacup
and Saucer - Aunt Lettuce's Vintage Finds

Vintage China Cup and Saucer Set - Bettys World 4u

Royal Sealy China Teacup and Saucer - Cashmere Jellybean

Vintage Blossom Teacup - Emily Lynch

Royal Albert Sweet Violets Teacup and
Saucer - Pink Dahlia Studio


  1. What a lovely little collection! Thanks for including our Vintage Clare trio - I love it. It's so pretty. Would love to keep it myself....

  2. Such beautiful cups and saucers all just right for a Summer tea party....

  3. Something about tea cups is just plain pretty. Too bad I never use them- just my huge funky mugs!