Saturday, 30 July 2011

Greetings from Canada!

So we made it.....just! I have to confess there were a few hiccups in getting here, and it didn't go quite as smoothly as it should have, but we are now 2 days in, and very much having fun on holiday here in Canada. I am enjoying eating my way through donuts, pancakes and any other sweet delights I can find. Of course we are doing alot more than that, however the weather is slightly against us, being that its currently pouring down out there. But being British we are surely used to it, and hell....who cares, were on holiday!

Today we braved the rains and took a trip into Halifax for a little shopping and a yummy Chinese buffet lunch. Yes that is me in my giant kagool, trying not to look too windswept and watered. I love those quaint little white churches....

Also managed to find a great art and craft shop, where I picked up some beautiful scrapbooking papers, to use for my cards.

I really wish you could get papers like these in the UK. I think I did well only buying 10 sheets.......there were hundreds to choose from.

This is my favourite.........surprise, surprise.......its got butterflies on!

Also picked up these cute, vintage buttons in a lovely little wool shop. Vintage and unusual buttons are high on my 'to find' list at the moment.

Tomorrow we are off to see what promises to be a spectacular firework display, for the Natal Day celebrations in Halifax. Heres hoping the weather improves!.......

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