Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekend Things

Its been a weekend of two halves weather wise. Yesterday was beautiful, in the most part, but today has been a bit of a wash out, and cold and windy. Although not quite as bad as Montreal in Canada it seems, where the grand Prix has been stopped because of the rain pelting down. It doesn't look like its about to start any time soon, so i've taken up my place at the pc with hot cuppa.

It feels like winter again. I don't like it.

Although I have the strong urge to snuggle up on the sofa under a warm blanket, with the fire on, watching an old movie..........I think I have my evening planned!

On Saturday Mr T left me to my own devises. I had quite a lazy morning, but managed to update my blog a bit, and im now happy with the way it all looks (me? fussy?).

After a quick tidy up I treated myself to a very classy lunch. A fishfinger wrap. But theres nothing wrong with that, is there?

I decided to try making something new in the afternoon, and tried my hand at stitching some padded hanging hearts. I know they're quite easy to make, but im still finding my feet with my sewing machine, so its good practice for me. This is my first attempt and im quite pleased with it. Im hoping to make some more this week for my Etsy and Folksy shops. But this one has found a home already.

My parents came round today for lunch. I decided to make a nice, light, summery pudding, and opted for a strawberry flan. Theres something really wonderful about the fruity smell as you're making jelly. But I have to say, and you may think im a bit weird, but I love to eat it when its still in cube this.......

Is that strange? Mr T thinks it is. But there was enough left to make the flan, and it was delicious.

For dinner we turned to Jamie Oliver, and made his Beer Butt chicken with Dirty Rice. Its from his Jamies America recipe book, and comes highly recommended from us all. I think the name says it all really, but just incase your a bit unsure, I couldn't resist taking a little pic of it......

And what sunday afternoon would be complete without a slice of cake? Well it was Dads birthday after all.

Coffee cake with a honeycomb topping.......YUM!

How have your weekends been?


  1. Yes chucking it down here too. And that wind! I don't do the Grand Prix so took the laptop upstairs to bed and watched When Harry Met Sally - I saw it when it came out - like what, 22 years ago? - so had forgotten the story. It was so cool.

    Then came downstairs and made a roast beef sandwich - the hubby is hoping the grand prix starts again soon. I think I will go back to bed with a book!

    Your heart is very cute - well done. It does get easier as you make more and more.

  2. Thanks! Im gonna keep practicing this week, but its really satisfying to see the outcome of something you've made.

    I really love that film, what better way to spend a rainy afternoon. Although I hope the weather improves soon!

    Sarah x