Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cotton Anniversary

Its was mine and Mr Ts 2nd Wedding Anniversary on monday. Really, where has the time gone?? The 2nd Anniversary is cotton, and we had fun 'making' each other gifts. I presented him with a handmade card and little handmade heart magnet, made out of some of my very own handwoven cotton fabric. It has taken up pride of place on the kitchen fridge!

Mr T did very well. He made me this gorgeous card, which he designed and cut out himself! Im really into cut outs like this and I love it! Isn't he talented!

Not only that, but he bought me this lovely cotton brooch pillow from Elizabeth Woods at Dar Msallema. How perfect for my ever growing collection of brooches. I am very lucky! Please check out her fab Etsy Shop, which is packed with lots of lovely textile things.

Think i'll treat hubby to putting his feet up tonight while I rustle up dinner!


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  2. What lovely gifts! Your hubby's card is just brilliant! Really lovely design.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog : ) Your wee pillow makes me want to curd my enthusiasm for big and bold and make something small and dainty that would fit on it! That really is a cute pillow.