Sunday, 19 June 2011

But This is Much More Fun......

I love Sundays.

They normally start with a well deserved lie in and a cuppa in bed. Perfect! But there are always chores to! Today I seemed to be able to find all sorts of things to do to avoid those dreaded jobs.

A Sunday lunch curry (Mmm...), reminiscing over video footage from our last trip to Canada (now only 38 days to go till the next one!), a nice cuppa while snuggled up on the sofa, getting crafty with fabric, and of course a trip to see Dad.

The crafty bit has resulted in some more padded hanging hearts. I was hoping to devote some time last week to this little project, but you know how it is sometimes. Still I am pleased with results.

 Particularly this one....

I adore the heart fabric which I picked up from the Eternal Maker in Chichester.

I do like this red number too........but I think its got more of a festive feel.

I also made this cute butterfly brooch. During the week I was contacted by a College student who asked if she could use my work as a reference for her A Level weird! But flattering. She is basing her project on butterflies, so I made her this.......

Im now ready to settle down for the evening and not think about the ever approaching 'monday morning'! But I thought I'd quickly share with you a couple of my loves of the day.

Firstly, and you might think this is a bit strange......., is my glue gun! Yes, I know. But I really don't know how I've gone so many years without one! Its a fab thing, and makes so many jobs easier, and able to be done in half the time!

Love it!

Also, today has been the first outing for my little antique flower brooch. I love the delicate work that has gone into the petals and think it looks great against a black top.


What have you been up to?.......

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