Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Vintage Wedding

So this weekend I have been working on a comissioned Wedding Card that a friend of mine has asked me to make. The wedding has a 'vintage' theme, so I had to design something that would fit in with this. I decided to go for a layered fabric heart in creams and golds, decorated with buttons, beads and pearls. I also managed to incorporate some old lace ribbon I have had for years. Im really pleased with the outcome, as is my friend, and hopefully the couple will like it just as much.

Would love to know your thoughts......


  1. That's a really gorgeous card. I'm loving the tones of just cream & it definitely says vintage to me! :)

    Jo x

  2. Definitely a superb Wedding Card, the vintage effect is so effective and love all the little tit bits of lace with the beads & pearls - Superbous Qualitas!!!

  3. That's a lovely card. Understated and quite elegant.

  4. Thanks all for the lovely comments. I tried not to go over board with it, but often find I keep wanting to add 'just one more thing'. I always love to hear your feedback.
    Sarah x