Saturday, 21 May 2011

Folksy finds.......Sweet Cherry Pie

Its been a busy week at work, and that partly explains my blogging absence this week. I had planned on doing an update of my recent makes, but what with one thing and another........and a possible bit of laziness thrown didn't happen. Still I promise I will do it this weekend, but I thought id kick things off this morning with a little Folksy finds. Yesterday I enjoyed a yummy slice of cherry and rhubarb cake (thanks JP), and I thought what a great theme for a here it is......CHERRIES!!! They are so fresh and fruity and summery.........I hope you enjoy!

Cherry Kisses Skirt - Rooby's Skirts

Cherry Coke Earrings - JenniMac

Cherry Cupcake Brooch - Lizzybeth's Felties

 Strawberries & Cherries Retro Apron - Rosie Ann

 White Cherry Hairband - Pinch Her Cheeks

  Very Cherry Earrings - Joelleabelle

Cupcake Card - Pinkbonbons


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