Sunday, 15 May 2011

Open Houses.....part 2

Yesterday I became a football widow. But what better way to use this 'me time', than to get out all my crafty goodies and have a making afternoon. I love times like these, when I can make as much mess as I want, throw huge piles of fabric on the floor, and have a good rummage through everything. Its surprising what you find sometimes. Anyway it turned into a very productive day and im really pleased with what I to follow soon.

Today we visited some more Open Houses and I thought id share with you some of the lovely things that I have seen.

These very, very, cute handmade felt brooches are by Betty Shek. I really like how bright and colourful and fun they are. Take a look in her beautiful Etsy shop at

This vintage inspired flower necklace is by Bryony Jennings. I was very tempted by these gorgeous necklaces as I love unique and unusual jewellery, and I love the combination of the shaped metal backed by delicate lace. And you know I love buttons! I really haven't seen anything like these before.

Finally we found these gorgeous illustrations by Thea Telford. She makes stunning collages like this beautifully simple and colourful Beach Hut Collage, and yummy, bright cushions full of detail and intricate work.

There are two more weekends left, and we have a few more houses to visit. Im already feeling hugely inspired, but having spent the majority of yesterday stitching, cutting and sticking, I have decided to give myself the evening off.

Hope you've had a good weekend too xx

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  1. Wow, went onto Betty Shek's etsy - she sure is colourful and creative and do love the vintage necklace. However the icing on the cake is Theas awe inspiring stitching collage - absolutely superb! Hope you had a great weekend x