Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Next Thing.....

.....Ok, so its not like I don't have a million and one things on the go already, but still I couldn't resist buying this gorgeous 'Baltic' colour wool and some knitting needles. I confess i've not knitted since I was about 10, but for some reason today seemed like as good a day as any to begin my re introduction to it. I have the tools, now I just need to find the time! Not necessarily so easy! But i've heard its very relaxing so im really up for giving it a go. Any tips gratefully received.....x


  1. Go for it, I don't think anyone who is crafty doesn't have a million and one things on the go - you can do it and believe me knitting is quite relaxing! Have a great weekend

  2. Im glad im not the only one! And I love having a go at a new craft. I will post on my progress...