Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Knitting, Tags and Not Giving Up

The last couple of days have been spent trying to teach myself to knit...........unfortunately not too successfully. It seems knitting has got a lot harder since I was younger!! Or maybe my hands think they have too much to do already! Still I am not giving up, and will practice more this week. They say 'practice makes perfect' after all. In between all the non-knitting I have made some more layered butterfly gift tags, which I love pairing up and finishing with beautiful coloured ribbon. These will be available in my Etsy and Folksy shops soon...........Happy Tuesday x


  1. Last year I taught myself to knit and made a rabbit and half a scarf and then I gave up. My hands got so sore and sewing is so much faster. (I'm very impatient.)

    This year I am trying to teach myself to crochet and all I can say is it's not going well. That wretched wool moves about like a wriggly 2 year old!

    But, I do love crochet goodies so much so I am going to persevere.

    I've also been thinking about knitting again and just taking it slowly ad not expecting to make marvels in minutes. :)

  2. Crochet interests me too, but I think that will have to wait a few months! Let me know how it goes x