Sunday, 30 March 2014

Folksy finds.......Sunny Yellows

Happy Mothers Day to my mum, and to all the mums out there. Hope you are all enjoying a lovely relaxing day.

Unfortunately the sun seems to be hiding. In a bid to encourage him out from his hiding place, here's a little collection of beautiful sunny yellow finds from Folksy.

Hair Clips - Little Bird Blue
Felt Flower Brooch - Sew Perfectly You
Button Brooch - Girl With Beads
Scandi Flower Cushion - Bread and Jam
Crochet Flower - Myfanwy's Appliques
Linocut Heart Card - We Are Mountain
Pear Print Cushion - Thirtyfive Flowers
Ceramic Star Pendant - SillyRice


  1. Such a lovely collection, don't know whereabouts you are but the sun has definitely come out here :)

  2. Down near Brighton. It's been overcast and hazy all day. Glad you've been able to enjoy the sunshine. Sarah x

  3. This is lovely, thank you very much Sarah! :) Kay from SillyRice