Sunday, 23 March 2014

Cake Days....

So i've managed to find time to do a little baking recently.

I do like to bake.

I like starting with basic ingredients, and creating something beautiful and delicious. Although I do find it slightly stressful at times. I constantly check to see if its looking ok, I worry that its not cooking properly, and when it finally comes out I worry that its overcooked and dry!

Which is why i rarely deviate from my trusty Hummingbird Baking book. And the 'never fails' chocolate or vanilla sponge.

I decided this time round to try something different. 

Firstly I made a lovely Strawberry and Lemon Yoghurt cake. A little bit time consuming to prepare (and the purchase of a Bundt tin), but goodness was it worth it. 

I found the recipe here...
(image above also from there)

Its a very moist cake thanks to the yoghurt and strawberries, but more than that, its absolutely delicious. So much so that I have made another since. 

Definitely not the healthiest of cake, but for a treat or special occasion then go ahead!

My next bakey moment was an Amaretto cake. A relatively 'easy to make' sponge cake and also quite tasty, kind of like a bakewell.

And with a little boozy icing to top it off I think its a winner.

See recipe here from website

This is mine.....

As you can see I used my newly purchased Bundt pan again, although this recipe produces a loaf. A loaf tin would be better as mine had a funny shaped bottom!

We had some of this cake leftover a few days later. So I heated up a couple of slices in the microwave, added a few glugs of Ameretto to the warm sponge, and topped with hot custard....I would highly recommend! 

I now aim to bake something from my new 'Love, Bake, Nourish' book by Amber Rose. Its packed with cake recipes for 'healthier' fruit based to follow!

Happy weekend all, and happy baking...xx

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