Monday, 3 February 2014

Lost Without My Phone!......

My mobile phone packed up last week, and to say im lost without it is an understatement! Its actually quite SAD!! Admittedly I have a replacement, but I can't do everything on it that im used to. 

Ok, so I can make calls and send texts, but I miss the ease of being able to check Facebook, or to be able to quickly search for something on the internet, or to see what new photos are on Instagram.....yes quite SAD!!!

Its this last one that pains me the most! Im on Instagram religiously. I love seeing the new pic's that have been added by those I follow - people all around the globe! Its a nice little insight into the worlds and lives of others, and I find it fascinating. I love taking photos of my own too, and this gives me an outlet to show my creative-ness.

I say creative-ness, I mean I take a lot of shots down at the beach and of sunsets, sunrises, landscapes etc. but Im also one of those that like to showcase 'special food' and (in particular) CAKE!! But lets face it, sometimes it just has to be done!

Its only been one week without said phone, but im already having withdrawal symptoms. This weekend I actually dug out the (old) digital camera. You know, one of those devises that is designed to take pictures and nothing else.  It felt a little weird, taking this kind of bulky thing out with me, but my need for snapping was very strong!


So as we had a small break in the weather it seemed fitting to take a wander along the beach. 

The tide was high, infact higher than ive ever seen it, and the remnants of the bad weather were evident with a large part of the beach having been washed up on the path and around the beach huts.

But it was good to get some fresh air.

 It was BRACING!

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