Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sunny Saturdays are made for Browsing....

....ok, they are made for browsing and BUYING.

Now I like nothing more than pottering around at the weekend, and it normally involves some kind of 'can't do without' purchase.

Had a lovely morning visit to Chichester today, to take in the Vintage and Very Nice Market Bazaar, and yes it did result in little purchase. 

Picked up this very sweet 1970s Johnson Brothers coffee/tea pot. I love the colour and the design.

Then to my favourite pass time of FABRICS!!

Any visit to Chichester isn't complete without a stop at the Eternal Maker, where I picked up some lovely fat quarts (and of course a few buttons!!).....and then a quick stop into The Carousel, which is full of beautiful vintage finds and handmade goods. I picked up some fabric here (the 2on the left).

I have also discovered a new fabric shop called Clothkits. A very lovely shop selling cute fabrics, buttons and sewing kits, and also offering sewing classes.

All in all, not a bad start to the weekend.

Now theres nothing more to be done on a sunny, warm Saturday than put my feet up with a glass (or two) of Pimms and watch the tennis!

Happy Saturdays! x

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