Saturday, 2 February 2013

In a Lighthouse State of Mind.......on Etsy

So i've been doing a lot of daydreaming this week, wishing I was far, far away in my (I wish!) second home of Nova Scotia. Theres just something wonderful about the beautiful landscapes and seascapes, and I often find myself thinking fondly of it. 

One of the images that sticks very closely in my mind is those whitewashed lighthouses against the bluest seas and skies, and its that picture that has led me to this little collection today.

Hope you enjoy.....

Charm Necklace - Evelyn Mae Creations

Summer Haze Print - Bel Atelier

Earrings - Laurie & Elliot

 Embroidered Pillow - Indo Designs

Birdhouse - Collectively Cathy

 Locket necklace - Baby Jewlz

 Peggy's Cove (NS) Print - Broomhill Pictures

Ruled Notebook - Goshdarnknit

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