Sunday, 27 January 2013

Flowery makes

Its been a busy old week, but have managed to acquire a little bit of time to have a play with some of the fabric flower tutorials I found last week. Its been quite a success and im very happy with what i've come up with.

Firstly the layered, folded fabric flower from the House of Smiths tutorial. Really like how this one looks. It came out at 7cm in size, so i'd probably try and make it a bit smaller next time. I've attached a brooch back to this one and think it'll look fab on a cushion.

Below is my first attempt at a yoyo flower.

Love the simplicity of this one, so much so that I made another 2 and turned them in hairslides. See here for the how to.

My next trial was the very sweet felt flowers form The Fickle Pickle tutorial.

Again I love the simplicity of these and just how professional they look. I think several of these, in different sizes, bunched together would look great.

I decided to try adding in a layer of raw edged fabric, just to add a bit of pattern. This is what I came up with.....

What do you think? Im not sure I like them as much, but it does add a bit of rustic-ness to the feel.

Finally I tried out the box fold tutorial from iCandy handmade.

Really love these....

I made the red one first, then for the blue one I added in some ribbon while sewing the petals in place, neatening up the edges at the end. I think it works really well.

I've definitely been inspired and have got some new ideas to bring into my work.
Would love to know what you think...

Happy weekending all....x

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