Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cupcake Couture.......on Etsy

So we have a little tradition in our office, and quite a nice one at that..........'Cake Wednesdays'. Yes I know, but I highly recommend it! A sure fire way of getting rid of those mid-week blues AND a helpful hand in making the week go that bit faster!

This week its  my turn and im treating my fellow colleagues to some yummy red velvet cupcakes, and (my favourite)........chocolate and whiskey mud cake! Ahem! Thats if it actually makes it to the office!!

Inspired by my baking prowess this weekend, check out these lovely cupcake themed items spied on Etsy this week........happy munching! xx

 Cute Cupcake Wrappers - Two Girls Paper Design

Mini Cupcake Soaps - Bath Bomb Confections

Edible Peacock Feathers - Tasty Prints

   Cupcake Badges - Stuck Together Magnets

 Mini Felt Hairslides - Miss Ruby Sue

 Teal Green Paisley Cupcake Liners - Cakes And Kids Too

 Yellow Glitter Cupcake Necklace - Sweet 'n' Neat Jewellery

Purple Cupcake Earrings - Strawberry Universe

  Edible Butterflies - incrEDIBLE toppers

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  1. I love your post! Especially since cupcakes are my most favorite food!
    Thank you and all the best,
    Miss Ruby Sue