Saturday, 14 January 2012

Folksy finds.....Sunrise

I hate the morning drive to work. Its far too early, and recently, far too dark!

However this week was slightly different. Its definitely getting lighter in the mornings, and everyday this week (bar one miserable day) we've been treated to a beautifully colourful sunrise....especially Thursday, when the sky seemed to be on fire.

Not a bad way to get a bit of inspiration, which leads perfectly onto this weeks 'Folksy finds', paying  tribute to all those vivid pinks, oranges, and purples of the week gone.

Im hoping for more of those mornings next week....

Flower Brooch - Beach Bears

Crocheted Scarf - Paula's Creations

Tealight Holder - Enchanted Soul

Ruffle Scarf - Kingfisher Crafts

Tweed Handbag - Tea with Martha

Orange Blossom Earrings - Aladdin's Daughter

Beaded Flower Brooch - The Dreaming Hare

 Red Delight Resin Necklace - Sundays at Bettys


  1. I agree with you about early mornings in the winter! We've had some lovely sunsets here too. Lovely finds, thank you for including my earrings :)

  2. Thanks for the feature. It makes you realise what we are all waiting for...sunshine.