Sunday, 17 April 2011

Easter Treats......on Etsy

Im very much looking forward to the upcoming long bank holiday weekends, and hopefully the weather will stay as beautiful as it is today. As next weekend is Easter I thought i'd share with you some lovely Easter treats i've found on Etsy this week..........its not all about the chocolate after all!!

Easter Baby Chicks - Petit and Cute Design

Peter Rabbit Tags - Anista Designs

Spring Green Origami Decoupage
Easter Eggs - Catnip Studio Too

Bunny Butts Bunting - P.S it's in the Details

April Showers Burst Easter
Corsage - Jennifer Locke Designs 

 Spring Flowers Easter Egg Wreath - Silk N Lights

Vintage Inspired Easter
Tags - Mother & Daughter Creations

 Easter Chick Hand Embroidered 
Garland - Raw Bone Studio


  1. Isn't that chick garland just wonderful! So very cute. People are so talented, aren't they.

    And yes I second the hope for continued sunshine - it has been the most fabulous weather here too and this morning is sunny again.

  2. Its lovely isn't it, I wish I could make things like that.

    I think the weather is supposed to continue all week! Fabulous!