Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wonderful Websites

I have to say I am one those people that is never happier than when im surrounded by beautiful haberdashery bits and pieces and crafty papers and trimmings. If you're anything like me you may be interested in these 2 websites which were recommended to me during the week.

The first is Bedecked which has a great collection of unusual buttons, ribbons and lace, and which you can find at

The second is Fantastic Ribbons, where you will find a large selection of ribbons in every imaginable colour.

I have been having fun browsing through their stock....and being tempted to buy. Here are favourites from each.

 Starry Shell Button - Bedecked

Flower Shell Button - Bedecked

  Filigree Patterned Button - Bedecked

Marco Polo Satin Ribbon - Bedecked

  Retro Green Spotty Ribbon - Fantastic Ribbons

 Twill Stripe Tape - Fantastic Ribbons

 Belmont Laurel Ribbon - Fantastic Ribbons

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