Sunday, 28 November 2010

MADE 10 Overview

Sorry this has taken so long, but I have been busily turning another year older as well as desperately trying to get rid of a never ending cold. Today I find myself tucked up in the warm, with a hot drink and an extra pair of socks on, hoping to get my brain back in gear!

MADE 10 was full of lovely items, many of which I had to restrain from buying, however I was treated to extra present from my lovely husband. A unique and very beautiful necklace from contemporary jewellery designer Emma Turpin. She creates stunning and unusual pieces of modern jewellery inspired by traditional crafts.

My butterfly eye fell for these beautifully hand cut paper artworks by Rebecca J Coles. They are so delicately made and extremely interesting to look at, and a particular favourite for a butterfly lover.

View more of her artwork at

It was nice to see more of Lara Sparks intricate and fun embroidery work. I have spoken about her work before but its worth reiterating because her pieces are gorgeous. Im still loving the cupcake cushions, but she had a lovely selection of brooches for sale at the fair

Martha Mitchell’s fun ceramic tableware and jewellery and framed prints were a favourite of mine. She produces funky cups and bowls decorated with hand drawn designs inspired by food packaging and bottles. Having a (slightly!) sweet tooth I really want to buy the Sweet illustration framed print for my kitchen! Yummy!

Check out more at her website

I am now going to eat warm crumpets with butter and jam, and to hibernate under my blanket. Keep warm x

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