Saturday, 18 September 2010

Old Town Sparkle

So I’ve just got back from a little day trip to Hastings. Having sampled some rather yummy food at the Seafood and Wine festival, including calamari, Pad Thai noodles, and a (can’t possibly only have one) chocolate pot, we did a bit of snooping around the Old Town.

There aren’t many places left like this anymore – streets filled with small independent shops, vintage clothing, and antiques. Since my re-discovery of a 1930s butterfly wing pendant that I was given as a child, I have acquired a fascination with all things old and previously used.

A day of trawling around the antique shops was definately on the cards and I managed to pick up a couple of antique brooches and a blue beaded necklace, which I now have to wait to see again until a certain birthday arrives in a couple of months! Still I also discovered some beautiful shops selling some wonderful handmade items - I love all that is handmade - particularly things made out of fabrics and paper.

My favourite has to be Made in Hastings. A lovely collection of homewares, childrens wear, artwork and jewellery. The things I love are a butterfly print magazine bag, a silver beaded butterfly necklace and these greeting cards.

Check out their website at

The Seafood and Wine festival is on tomorrow. So get down there!

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